2019 Holiday Travel Gift Guide

It’s the most wonderful time of the year yet again and this year it feels like the holidays are approaching even quicker than usual!  And as much as I am excited for all of the festivities to come, I’m also dreaming about all of the destinations that are on my radar for 2020.  If you’re in the same boat (or have someone on your shopping list who is), then here are a few travel-related gift ideas for inspiration.

Be sure to check out the link to past gift guides at the end of this post for even more ideas.  Happy browsing and happy holidays!

Reusable tote bags have been all the rage over the past few years, which will only continue as more and more cities and stores ditch single use plastic bags.  I specifically love RuMe’s tote because of its lightweight material yet durability that can hold up to 50 pounds.  It’s also machine washable and folds up compactly so you can throw it into your suitcase for whenever you need it.  On my recent trip to Scotland it not only served as my shopping bag (strong enough to hold a few bottles of whisky and gin!) but also my car bag (for maps and snacks) and carry on for extra souvenirs on the flight home.  myrume.com

2. FOR THE BEACHGOER: Sandless Beach Mat
The only thing worse than rain on a beach day is when sand inevitably creeps into all the places that it shouldn’t.  One way to combat that is with a sandless beach mat.  Originally developed for military use, it sort of defies logic when you look at it but it works – two layers of quick drying mesh allow sand particles to pass through to the bottom while preventing them settling on the top.  It’s great for travel since it folds up into a pouch and comes with plastic stakes to help it stay in place.  amazon.com

3. FOR THE ROADIE: Bluetooth Speaker
A wireless Bluetooth speaker is always good to have and I especially like the OontZ Angle 3.  The speaker has great sound quality and easily connects to any smartphone or tablet so you can listen to music, watch movies and even talk on the phone with its built-in microphone at home or on the road.  It’s super lightweight and compact so you can take it with you wherever you go, and can even be used standing up so it fits perfectly in any cupholder.  Another added bonus it that the speaker is also rain/splash-proof.  theoontz.com

4. FOR THE HOMEBODY: Homesick Candle
Nothing conjures up travel memories like the scents that make that place unique.  Homesick has a huge collection of candles that tap into this nostalgia and can take you there no matter how near or far.  Made with natural wax, you’ll find candles specific to cities, states and countries, as well as distinctive places like Yosemite (with its notes of fresh air, wild water lilies and sweet heliotrope petals) and even memories like Grandma’s kitchen in all of its spicy, sweet baking happiness. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re missing home or dreaming of a destination halfway across the world. homesick.com

5. FOR THE CAFFEINE FIEND: Portable French Press
There’s no need to sacrifice a good cup of coffee when you’re on the go thanks to the KOHIPRESS portable French press travel mug.  This vacuum sealed mug features an all-in-one system that’s as simple as brew, press and go, just add hot water and coffee grounds and enjoy.  Its sleek stainless steel design includes a leak-proof lid and is doubled walled so it can be used for both hot and cold beverages, so is great for everything from camping to commuting.  kohiplus.com

6. FOR THE ARTIST: Sketching Set
Like sending a postcard or keeping a travel journal, there’s something romantic about sketching on the road.  A set like this is perfect for travel because it includes everything you’ll need, from a sketchbook to a wide arrange of pencils and pastels as well as a sharpener and eraser, all secured in a compact carrying case.  I’m by no means an artist nor do I claim to have any real skill, but I found so much enjoyment in travel sketching during a trip to Paris a few years ago.  If anything, it’s a therapeutic activity that forces you to slow down and take notice of the details around you, which is something we all can benefit from.  amazon.com

7. FOR THE MEMORY MAKER: Polaroid Photo Printer
Photos are often the best reminders we have of a trip, and in the instant world we live in the Polaroid Zip Instant Photoprinter gives you the ability to print and enjoy your photos almost instantly.  This pocket-sized device connect to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth and prints 2 x 3 full color photos in less than 60 seconds.  Not only are the photos waterproof and tear-proof, they also have an adhesive backing so you can stick them wherever you want.  Not only is printing fast and easy, you can also download the free app with even more editing tools and fun stickers to further customize your photos.  polaroid.com

At home DNA tests have become all the rage and have even inspired a new wave of people traveling to seek out their roots.  While there are a few different products out there, 23andMe is great option because of the ever-growing amount of information it can tell you about your DNA.  As their sample expands, you’ll find that your results continue to be updated to include new matches and more refined ancestry composition.  The company is constantly adding new features like a family tree builder and traits reports, and has also partnered with Airbnb to help connect people with heritage-based travel experiences.  23andme.com

Want more ideas?  Check out gift guides from other years here.

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