2017 Travel Year in Review

At the start of 2017 my sights were set on Paris in September.  Having checked many of the city’s iconic museums and monuments off my list at least once if not more, I was looking forward to some of the new and different types of activities I had planned for this particular trip – a cooking class, sketching workshop and a couple of daytrips, all of which would be paired with long walks along the river, delicious food and lots of wine.  It was a nice reminder that while it’s exciting to travel to new places, there’s something to be said about re-visiting an old favorite.

In addition to some smaller trips, I’ve also been updating older posts and creating new destination pages.  The goal for these pages is to be a quick reference if you’re planning a trip to a specific city, highlighting my top tips and favorite recommendations that I’ve picked up throughout my travels, along with links to other helpful resources.  You can check out an example of one of my destination pages here, and I look forward to adding even more cities and content in the coming year.

Here’s to a great 2018!

Summertime Sunshine – Florida, May 2017

Hiking at Plaza Blanca – New Mexico, June 2017

Independence Day in Denver – Colorado, July 2017

Land of 1,000 Lakes – Minnesota, July 2017

Paris, Je T’Aime – Paris, September 2017

Holiday Magic – New York, December 2017

Arches and Waterfalls – New Mexico and Colorado, December 2017

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