2016 Travel Year in Review

This past year was quite the adventure for me.  From a travel perspective it was a bit lighter than usual but the highlights included trips to some old favorites (London and New York) and a bucket-list worthy visit to the Netherlands in the spring to see the tulips in bloom.  A few plans like visiting some U.S. National Parks in honor of the centennial had to be postponed until next year thanks to another adventure – the addition of a new little traveler to our family.  It’s been quite the journey so far and I look forward to seeing where it takes us in 2017.  :)

Here’s to a happy and travel filled New Year!

London’s Calling – London, March 2016

Dutch Life – Netherlands, April 2016

Hiking in Jemez – New Mexico, May 2016

Midsummer in the City – New York, July 2016


Comments? Questions?

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