2013 Travel Year in Review

It’s barely January and I’m already making travel plans for the end of 2014.  While I’m excited about where this year will take me, I’m also excited to look back at where I’ve been in 2013.

I’ve traveled coast to coast (so to speak) on two different continents – from San Francisco to New York, Lisbon to Barcelona – and  several other places in between.  As much as it’s tempting to return to my favorites (especially with limited vacation time), I’m making it a point to visit at least one new place every year.  I don’t typically don’t make New Year’s resolutions, but I definitely was able to do that in 2013 so it sounds like an achievable ambition for 2014.

As I look towards new adventures this year, here are some of my travel highlights from 2013.

Happy New Year and happy travels!

Snowy Birthday at Tiffany’s – New York, March 2013

The City by the Bay – San Francisco, May 2013 

Hiking the Manitou Springs Incline – Colorado, July 2013

Hot Summer in the City – New York, August 2013

Castles, Churches and Tapas, Oh My! – Portugal and Spain, October 2013 

Comments? Questions?

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