A Day of Discovery in Lisbon

Monument to the Discoveries in Belém
Monument to the Discoveries in Belém

I never realized the magnitude of Portugal’s role in sea exploration until I visited Belém.  During the 15th and 16th centuries, it was here in this little district just outside of the center of Lisbon that some of the most notable explorers set sail on their journeys of discovery.

From their tiny country in northwestern Europe, Portuguese explorers traveled far and wide, conquering the seas and claiming the land.  At one point, Portugal’s territories spanned Africa, Asia, India and South America, giving its seafaring rival Spain (and pretty much the entire world) a run for its money.  Portugal was truly a world superpower. 

This lover of history definitely discovered a thing or two, and so can you.  For more details, check out my guest post “Discovering Lisbon’s Belém Neighborhood” here.

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