Take the road less traveled to Italy’s boot heel region where you’ll be swept away by its picturesque small towns, abundance of fresh agriculture and some of the country’s most desirable beaches. 


STAY in a masseria, a former farmhouse accommodation that’s typical of Puglia, like Masseria Cervarolo just outside of Ostuni with its charming stone building surrounded by lush greenery and a natural sinkhole pool that you’ll find hard to leave.

DO rent a car so that you can experience a variety of small towns that make this region special, from whitewashed hill town of Locorotondo to the baroque treasure trove of Lecce, each with their own unique charm.

EAT with the seasons to soak up the freshness of Puglia’s culinary delights – pasta, pizza, produce and of course burrata cheese.

DISCOVER the magic of this under-the-radar region by wandering its quite streets by day and joining in the lively passeggiata or partaking in the apertivo (with taralli of course!) in the evenings.

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